Product Description

For many years, the popularity of hot melt adhesives based on polyolefin (PO) has increasingly grown. Since their introduction in the late 1980s, they have developed into a true success story.
It started with the demand for a superior heat resistance compared to the then-established EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) hot melts and now polyolefin hot melts offer a variety of substantial advantages. Modern PO hot melts provide an additional, interesting alternative to EVA and PUR (polyurethane) hot melt adhesives.

From the chemical point of view, PO hot melts are thermoplastic products. They are not chemically crosslinking and are characterised by an uncomplicated processing like EVA hot melts. Special melting equipment for edgebanders is therefore not needed. However, their heat resistance and the appearance of the bondline is comparable to the performance of moisture-curing PUR hot melt adhesives or edgebands bonded using laser technology (“laser edges”).

Application Description

Jowat-Hightherm® 221.00 is an adhesive for automatic edgebanders. Wide range of applications, e.g. for edgebands made of pressure laminates, PVC, ABS, PP, resinated paper, veneer, and solid wood.

Product Features

✓ Advantages:

  • Heat resistance. Meets high heat resistance requirements (e.g. kitchen furniture) due to a higher melting range at over 100 °C.
  • High yield. The considerably reduced density of polyolefin hot melt adhesives facilitates low application amounts.
  • Zero bondline. The transparent appearance of the adhesive in the melt coupled with low appli- cation amounts facilitate a virtually invisible adhesive joint (“zero-bondline”).
  • Stability. PO hot melt adhesives have a superior thermal oxidation stability which reduces the risk of charring and leads to considerably longer cleaning intervals.



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