Modern and energy-efficient construction with Jowat adhesives

The construction sector is on a growth trajectory, reporting considerable gains in revenue, and demand for building elements is rising. At the same time, innovative solutions are needed which take into account the technological progress in the industry and meet the increasing requirements regarding energy-efficiency and sustainability.

The visual appearance also plays an increasingly important role. Be it claddings made from environmentally-friendly and aesthetic wood, weathering-resistant and durable aluminium, or robust and highly demanded concrete – a large selection of different materials facilitates unique, striking facades which also fulfil different essential functions.

Going hand in hand with these new concepts, intelligent adhesive solutions play a major role in an increasing number of applications in the building industry. Apart from facilitating the high durability necessary for building elements, high-performance adhesives also provide a considerable added value to the manufacturing process and to the end product.

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Wrapped up! Due to increasing requirements regarding the energy efficiency of new or renovated buildings, modern roof structures also face greater challenges. Intelligent bonding solutions facilitate the manufacture of roofing liners and vapour barriers which support essential functions, such as ventilation and heat insulation.

Facade | composite elements

There’s more behind the facade: Adhesive specialists for modern building elements. For many years, facades have already fulfilled more than only basic functions such as protection against weathering. Technological progress in the building industry and increasing demands regarding living conditions have led to the development of multifunctional building envelopes which improve energy efficiency, sustainability and comfort.


A clear view! Modern windows are expected to have a lifecycle of several decades. During that time, they are exposed to permanent, high mechanical stress, and frequently also to extreme weathering. The resistance necessary to meet this expectation is provided by a combination of robust materials coupled with certified high-performance adhesives and primers.


Solutions for performance doors - Optimum bonding for internal and external applications. Interior and exterior doors play a major role in the overall appearance of a building and can also influence the living atmosphere. At the same time, they provide protection against wind, noise and burglary, and are high-performance products – like the adhesives used in manufacturing.

Floor systems

Partners for all situations! Jowat flooring adhesives for an optimum living experience.
Due to an increasing wealth of styles, modern flooring materials such as vinyl or design floors, classic parquet or high-quality carpets provide virtually unlimited possibilities for interior design. The flooring plays a major role in the atmosphere of a room.

Jowat adhesives are perfect bonding partners and also provide special functions for all forms and designs, whether parquet, laminates, latest designs, fitted carpets or special flooring. They ensure a strong and permanent bonding or the different substrates, provide additional functions such as water-repellent properties or facilitate a superior appearance when applied for instance as a transparent top layer.