Product Description

Due to the new classification of NEP (N-Ethyl-Pyrrolidone), compounds containing NEP are no longer classified as “irritating” since 2015, but as “health hazard” GHS08 and with the H phrase 360 “May damage fertility or the unborn child”. The inclusion of NEP in the list of candidates of REACh is imminent.
Primers containing NEP can still be sold, but Primer Jowat® 406.84 support implementing the substitution requirement of the law on hazardous substances, and replace primers containing NEP – an additional benefit.

The new generation of VOC-reduced primers for PVC window profile wrapping is already successfully used in serial production by our customers. This product group assures a long-range success and is currently unmatched on the market, especially due to the absence of labelling restrictions and its very good processing characteristics.


The new primers provide a more even and smooth surface because the PVC is less likely to dissolve and the related swelling effect is reduced, especially when using so-called “smooth foils” that are gaining market shares. Additionally, the clearly lower retention of primer residues in laminated PVC window profiles eliminates the risk of subsequent blistering or foil damage.

Primer drying is important for successful bonding.
Please observe:

  • Hot air blower with an adequate air flow
  • Maximum surface temperature of the substrate in the drying area: 55 °C
  • The substrate surface must be dry, dull, matt and tack-free after drying.

Application Description

The NEP-free, VOC-reduced Primer Jowat® 406.84 were developed especially for PVC window profile wrapping.

Product Features

✓ Advantages

The advantages of Primer Jowat® 406.84 certified according to RAL-GZ 716, in connection with the adhesives Jowatherm-Reaktant® 604.20 and Jowatherm-Reaktant® 604.25, are essentially the following:

  • No labelling as hazardous substances
  • No softening function like primers containing NEP or NOP
  • Process window larger (application amount) – comparable with MEK primers
  • Same application characteristics ➩ independent of application by felt or vacuum technology
  • Minimal primer residue on the PVC profile after drying ➩ makes dryness check of primer coating much easier
  • No stripes on PVC profiles with foil lamination through felt application ➩ smooth foil lamination
  • Contains UV marker for quality inspection




Our product in use