The automotive industry is undergoing a period of technological change. Innovative adhesive solutions already provide an invisible and very safe joining method, and facilitate visually appealing interiors, highly resistant surfaces, effective sound insulation, and clean passenger cells due to efficient filter technologies. Currently, up to 15 kg of adhesive are used in an average vehicle and this amount will increase significantly in the future. Especially in light of future ever lighter electric cars, bonding will become the unequalled joining technology. 

Vehicles are a major field of application for innovative bonding solutions from Jowat. We develop tailor-made processes and products in close cooperation with the automotive industry, its sub-suppliers and with engineering companies, for demanding bonding applications in virtually the entire vehicle.

Our powerful adhesive portfolio for the automotive industry ranges from thermoplastic and reactive hot melts to dispersions and pressure-sensitive adhesives. Jowat products are strong and reliable partners in all relevant lamination and assembly processes. We provide tailored services for our customers in the planning phase as well as far beyond the actual bonding procedure – with the objective to ensure a perfect bonding performance.

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Vehicle interiors

Quality you can feel: In addition to being a means of transport, cars are also increasingly becoming a workplace and a living space. The requirements for car interiors are therefore very diverse. Superior quality and feel, durability, high strength and heat resistance, as well as permanent UV stability of the materials used inside the passenger cell are all prerequisites.


Form and size of automotive air filters as well as the variety of the materials used in their manufacture are very diverse and unique. They are manufactured on fast production cycles and are exposed to high thermal and mechanical stress during use. Jowat provides specially developed high-performance adhesives for the manufacturing of filter media and filters, which master the challenges during production and use.

Caravan | vehicle construction

Lightweight construction is the big challenge in the automotive industry. Whether sandwich panels for the box bodies of refrigerator trucks, the side walls of travel trailers, or the manufacture of furniture and interior finishing for RVs – Jowat has the right adhesive solution.


A high degree of automation is introduced in many foundries - Jowat adhesives supports this with immediate handling strength and facilitates short process cycles in the bonding of core packages.

Interior shipbuilding

For modern compound elements or sandwich assemblies used in interior shipbuilding there are special requirements, like performance and fire protection. For this application you need high-performance adhesives from a special portfolio, that have low flame-spread characteristics and the wheelmark approval.


Assembly | Special applications

Special requirements are welcome! Not all bonded parts are visible. Many functional bonding applications are hidden ”under the hood” or behind different covers and give the car its shape. In addition to this wide range of assembly operations, the extensive bonding know-how provided by Jowat also facilitates numerous special applications.