The variety of substrates used in the textile industry grows at the same rate as the requirements for flawless processes and superior product quality increase. Cost reduction and consequently less material input is a key objective in manufacturing. In addition, the implementation of a more sustainable and resource-friendly production requires innovative textile materials which in the best case are also biodegradable. Of course, this feature should also be preserved in the end product.

A major trend in the textile industry are “smart textiles”. They provide intelligent additional functions and add significant value in a variety of areas. “Smart socks” for instance help joggers find a healthy running style.

Each sector of the textile industry has its own, special set of requirements within the framework of the processing technology. Adhesives which support all the individual functions and requirements of the material compounds are indispensable. Powerful and innovative adhesive products from Jowat formulated
with most modern raw materials facilitate reliable processes due to optimum processing characteristics and energy efficiency, and provide intelligent additional functions in the end product.

Find out more in our Industry Information "Adhesive solutions for the textile industry".


A soft touch - adhesives for textiles with skin contact. Clothing textiles include all items people can wear. From underwear and shoes, to outdoor and sports clothing, as well as protective work apparel textiles provide a broad range of different functions depending on their purpose.


Always in motion! Technical textiles are used in a variety of different applications in car, train and airplane manufacturing. In these applications, resistance to permanent use and stress is an essential requirement, especially for textile compounds in interiors. Adhesives play a major role in ensuring a durable and strong compound.


Everywhere at home: Home textiles have a major impact on our living quality. As cover fabric on furniture and mattresses, they are a key factor for comfort and wellbeing. At home, they are also small, but indispensable helpers.


Bonding know-how for the building industry. Energy-efficiency requirements for new and renovated buildings are constantly increasing. This is where the functions of building textiles, such as roofing liners or vapor barriers, show their strengths. In addition to protecting the roof, these materials also play a major role in ensuring a proper ventilation and heat insulation.


For sturdy types. Technical textiles for the Indutech application area are true ”all-rounders”. Whether for manufacturing filter media, electrical insulation materials, conveyor belts or emery paper - they are used in the most demanding applications and are characterized by high resistance to heat and mechanical stress.



With a healthy function: Innovative adhesives for medical applications. The market for healthcare services is growing steadily along with the demand for medical textiles. In addition to essential functions such as the absorption of liquids, medical textiles are also equipped with special features: they are breathable, can be sterilized, and washed at high temperatures.