The Region

As a leading international adhesive manufacturer, Jowat SE has been active in Malaysia with its own subsidiaries for over 15 years, with a industrial park in Bandar Enstek. The Investments are based on the continuously increasing demand for Jowat adhesives in the growth region Asia-Pacific and on the strategic importance of these markets for the Jowat Group.
The Jowat plant in the Industrial Park Bandar Enstek was built on an area of approx. 45,000 m². The close proximity to the International Airport of Kuala Lumpur is convenient in terms of traffic and transportation.

The production site was equipped according to modern technical standards with German engineering technology and a high degree of automation so that non-varying adhesive qualities can be ensured.
With a committed staff, the location in Malaysia is our regional centre for R&D, manufacture, and applications technology, covering substantial parts of the entire production portfolio of Jowat. Mainly hot melt and dispersion adhesives are manufactured here.

Jowat SE is actually generating almost 75 % of the Group income outside of Germany. The declared strategic mid-term target, to generate one third of the international revenues in the Asia-Pacific region, is well on track. The production site in Malaysia is an important milestone on this course.