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The technology of bonding is a well-established integral operation in the manufacturing processes of the automotive, textile and electrical industries.

On average, approx. 15 kg of different adhesives are used in a car. Well-known automotive companies and subsuppliers from all around the world rely on the innovative bonding solutions made by Jowat, which are used mainly in the interior of the vehicle. The growing demand for adhesives in the automotive industry is supported by two trends: Interiors are designed and equipped to reach constantly raised high-end standards and this is accompanied by the respectively expanded material mix. Adhesives for new model series are developed in close co-operation with the automotive industry, parts manufacturers and engineering companies, which covers all steps up to serial production.

The textile industry expects adhesives with properties to meet the high requirements of each individual application: washing stability, breathability, flame retardancy, sterilisation stability and a wide spectrum of adhesion. For many adhesive applications in textile manufacturing, processors and end customers consider the environmental compatibility to be of major importance.

Our brochures for the individual industries provide an overview on innovative adhesive solutions for the graphics industry and for the packaging industry:

If you are looking for further information about a specific application in the paper and packaging industry, please select the required application. You will also find leaflets with selected product highlights for each application: