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Sustainable bonding with Jowatherm® GROW

High energy efficiency, very clean processing and a high content of bio-based raw materials: Jowatherm® GROW packaging adhesives from Jowat, the global adhesives expert headquartered in Detmold, provide consistent support for sustainable packaging processes.

Hot melt adhesives from the Jowatherm® GROW product range stand out due to a high proportion of renewable raw materials, impress during processing due to their high level of efficiency and cleanliness, and facilitate recyclable bonding according to the German packaging law (Verpackungsgesetz).

Jowatherm® GROW 853.20 is the highlight of that product family. In addition to its bio-based raw material content, the adhesive is extremely resource-friendly in processing due to application temperatures starting from 120 °C. The result is economical and efficient energy consumption coupled with an optimisation of the work environment. This sustainable hot melt adhesive is also impressive in terms of cleanliness. A particularly clean cut-off of the adhesive string prevents waste as well as the soiling of machine parts and packaging materials. The very high thermal stability of the hot melt facilitates a considerable reduction in maintenance work and downtimes as well as an increase in service life of the equipment.

The innovative, sustainable adhesive solutions from Jowat’s Jowatherm® GROW series provide powerful bio-based hot melts for a multitude of applications in packaging processes. Their wide range of adhesion facilitates reliable bonding also on demanding surfaces. And their high flexibility at low temperatures makes them an interesting partner in deep freeze applications.