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Adhesives for Occupational Safety: Part of Our Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. The commitment to increased employee protection distinguishes a company that acts sustainably and responsibly. By using selected adhesives from Jowat Green Adhesives, you as an employer make an important contribution to occupational safety and at the same time optimize your processes.

Jowapur® dispersions are mainly used for the lamination of interior parts of vehicles (such as instrument panels, door and column panelling, and headlining) with decorative thermoplastic foils (e.g. PVC, PU or polyolefin), textile foam and woven composites, and real leather in vacuum deepdrawing and stamping methods.
The newly developed PU dispersion Jowapur® 158.97 is used in combination with the new crosslinking agent Jowat® 197.65 for real leather and thermoplastic foil lamination of different kind.



The thermal reactivation by hot air is of great advantage, especially in real leather lamination after the manual prepositioning. In addition, it provides the possibility for repeated bonding and opening to reposition or correct the sewn leather covering.
Another advantage of Jowapur® 158.97 + Jowat® 197.65 is the shorter curing time, which enables fast downline processing of the laminated parts and more efficient manufacturing processes.


Application Description

Jowapur® 158.97 and Jowat® 197.65 are used for laminations with decorative thermoplastic foils (e.g. PVC, PU or polyolefin), textile foam and woven compounds; real leather lamination.

Product Features

✓ Advantages

  • Used for lamination of real leather sewn coverings and all thermoplastic foils
  • high Initial strengh, also for edgefolding
  • Low VOC and fogging values
  • Quickliy curing




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