Product Description

Despite an increasing digitisation and the creation of digital workspaces, folders and boxes still play a major role in every office. At the same time, manufacturers have become experts at meeting the constantly rising expectations of the customers concerning quality and surface feel. Due to modern production processes, it is now possible to e.g. manufacture individually customised folders – even for one-off orders.
Jowacoll® 745.60 is a dispersion adhesive from Jowat which meets not only the above-mentioned requirements for laminating PVC foils on cardboard, it may also be used to bond lacquered surfaces to each other.


The special highlights of this adhesive are a good wet tack and excellent elasticity. In addition, Jowacoll® 745.60 also impresses with a good adhesion to acetate films and pretreated PP films. Jowacoll® 745.60 can be processed with all established application systems, like brush, spatula, nozzle, blade, wheel and roller.

Application Description

Jowacoll® 745.60 is a copolymer dispersion for bonding lacquered folding boxes, PVC films to carton, as well as casing-in of book blocks in continuous machines.




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