Product Description

Pollutant-reduced adhesives: from Jowat Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. It is not always just a matter of conserving resources. Responsibility for users and end users is also part of a conscious, "green" bonding process. Therefore, low-emission adhesives are an important part of the Jowat Green Adhesive portfolio.

Emission reduced (ER) adhesives with very low emissions of formaldehyde, plasticizers and other ingredients support manufacturers in the production and bonding of low-emission products. For a contribution to environmental and customer protection.

Consumers are becoming more aware of healthy living conditions and environmental aspects like potential emissions from building products play an important role in this. “Green products”, “green homes” and several eco-labels for the classification of emissions are a daily topic in the media. However, products with reduced emissions are not just a market trend – they represent a real shift in the daily use of these materials.

For years, there have been strict legal requirements for toys. The use of plasticisers is strictly prohibited – a requirement that does not exist for floors, e.g. PVC floors in children rooms.


Conventional PVC that has been used in flooring for many years now, contains plasticiser (mainly phthalate esters) of which some are suspected to be mutagenic and affect fertility. Flooring manufacturers are already aware of the seriousness of this issue and are currently looking to qualify alternatives without plasticiser, like PET, TPU, PP or other thermoplastics.

Standard EVA dispersions that are used in flooring for many years frequently also contain small amounts of plasticiser. To manufacture a flooring product that is free of plasticisers, not only the foil, but also the adhesive has to be free of plasticiser – Jowacoll® ER 147.00 fulfils this requirement as well.

Application Description

Jowacoll® ER 147.00 is a vinyl acetate copolymer-dispersion for lamination with thermoplastic foils and decor papers.

Product Features

✓ Advantages Jowacoll® ER 147.00

  • Free of plasticisers
  • Free of solvents
  • Very low formaldehyde emission
  • High initial strength
  • Good heat resistance
  • pH neutral

As of January 01, 2012, new building products, furnishings and equipment features brought on the French market must be classified and labelled according to their emission. The limits of the emission classes refer to the total VOC emissions (TVOC) and to the evaluation of 10 individual substances, including formaldehyde. The values are provided in micrograms (µg) per m³.
Jowacoll® ER 147.00 meets the requirements for an A+ classification.


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