Product Description

Jowacoll® 102.26 is a two-component multi-purpose adhesive for bonding hard and soft wood species as well as for fingerjointing and for the manufacturing of window frame scantlings. The dispersion must be mixed with 5 wt% of the hardener Jowat® 195.35 before processing to meet durability class D4 according to EN 204/205. It attains tensile shear strengths of >7 N/mm² pursuant to DIN EN 14257 (WATT ‘91), which facilitates the laminating of window frame scantlings in line with the applicable guidelines by the ift. Rosenheim. The easy processing and broad range of application are widely appreciated benefits of this PVAc dispersion.

Jowacoll® 102.26 can be applied by roller or nozzle in mass production as well as by hand in manual processes. Jowacoll® 102.26 has been a highly valued product for many decades, particularly for the laminating of window scantlings and in fingerjointing applications. Significantly reduced pressing times, especially when high-frequency presses are being used, facilitate high process efficiency. Jowacoll® 102.26 demonstrates the powerful range of dispersion adhesives supplied by Jowat, made possible also by the in-house polymerization of vinyl acetate (VAM): optimally tailored products of consistently high quality.

Product Features

Jowacoll® 102.26

  • D4 dispersion with high water resistance.
  • Multi-purpose adhesive for bonding hard and soft wood species as well as for the manufacture of window frame scantlings and fingerjointing.




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