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Pollutant-reduced adhesives: from Jowat Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. It is not always just a matter of conserving resources. Responsibility for users and end users is also part of a conscious, "green" bonding process. Therefore, low-emission adhesives are an important part of the Jowat Green Adhesive portfolio.

Emission reduced (ER) adhesives with very low emissions of formaldehyde, plasticizers and other ingredients support manufacturers in the production and bonding of low-emission products. For a contribution to environmental and customer protection.

Jowacoll® 103.30 is a PVAc adhesive for bonding hard 3and soft wood species as well as for the flat laminating of wood-based materials that will be exposed to high stress. Due to its special formulation, Jowacoll® 103.30 meets IMO Resolution A.1/3.18 e “low flamespread characteristics” and can be used for the finishing of ship interiors if the application amount does not exceed 150 g/m². The dispersion is classified a D3 adhesive in accordance with EN 204/205 and meets a tensile strength > 7.0 N/mm² according to EN 14257 (WATT ‘91).

Jowacoll® 103.30 is characterised by good water and heat resistance coupled with easy processing. The resistance to water can be increased further by mixing the glue with crosslinking agent Jowat® 195.40, in which case the adhesive will meet durability class D4. Jowacoll® 103.30 can be applied manually as well as using industrial roller applicators, and it impresses with short drying times and fast process cycles. Jowacoll® 103.30 stands out from other Jowacoll dispersions due to its fast initial strength. Jowacoll® 103.30 complies with the guideline FFF-FKS-EMPA 08.03/2013 for window frame corner joints.

Product Features

D3 dispersion with high water and heat resistance. First-class quality for hard and soft wood bonding as well as the flat laminating of wood-based materials with veneer, HPL or CPL.


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