Product Description

The doweling glue Jowacoll® 114.60 has been tried and trusted by processors all over the world for over two decades already. Today, it continues to impress due to high bonding strength and efficient consumption and remains widely used in the crafts sector as well as in industry.

One major requirement in the development of Jowacoll® 114.60 was to ensure that the glue can be applied cleanly on fully automatic doweling machines with nozzle applicators.

This PVAc dispersion adhesive is therefore characterized by an optimized cut-off at the nozzle to minimize the potential material build-up at the nozzle tip.
Its low viscosity and the process-optimized formulation make Jowacoll® 114.60 an excellent choice for horizontal doweling applications. This powerful doweling glue is very versatile and joins a wide variety of established wood-based materials, e.g. particleboards and MDF, but also soft- and hard-textured wood substrates. The characteristics of Jowacoll® 114.60 facilitate easier, faster and more cost-efficient processes.

Product Features

Jowacoll® 114.60

  • For doweling with automatic doweling machines.




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