Product Description

Profile wrapping with a wide variety of different materials is one of the oldest applications in the industrial manufacture of furniture and interior furnishings. Hot melt adhesives based on ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA) have already been used in this application since the 1960s. The limits of the performance of EVA hot melt adhesives was soon reached due to increasing requirements, especially with regard to heat resistance.

For instance, the ceiling panelling industry formulated precise requirements with regard to increased heat resistance when ceiling-recessed halogen spotlights were introduced in the 1980s. Today, hot melt adhesives based on polyolefin (PO) are the established state of the art and the products of choice in general wrapping applications.

Product Features

Jowat-Toptherm® 236.50 is a powerful all-purpose adhesive with numerous benefits supplied by Jowat:

  • Reduced application amount and excellent adhesive yield due to the lower density of the unfilled PO hot melt (0.87 g/cm³).
  • Excellent thermal stability and therefore minimised charring and cracking of the adhesive in the melt due to the polyolefin raw materials produced through so-called “metallocene catalysis”.
  • High softening range at around 110 °C (measured on a Kofler bench) provides a high heat resistance of the bond. Depending on the used substrates and materials, the end product can have a heat resistance of over 100 °C.
  • The PO hot melt adhesive has a broad spectrum of adhesion and facilitates the bonding of a wide diversity of standard laminating foils (finish foils, decor papers, or thermoplastic foils with a suitable primer coating).

Application Description

Basic product for wrapping profiles made of solid wood, particleboard and MDF with resinated paper foils or thermoplastic foils (with an appropriate primer coating on the reverse side).


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