Product Description

Thermoplastic PO hot melts are used to a steadily increasing degree in flat lamination for car interiors. One of the greatest benefits provided by thermoplastic hot melts is the block-free, storage stable precoating of reel material. Therefore, the manufacturing efficiency is significantly improved by enabling more rationalised production steps. The precoating can be applied by an external supplier, in which case there is no more adhesive processing required during lamination.

The continuously growing diversity of new matrix material combinations like NF-PP is highly challenging in bonding, especially on surfaces with low surface tension.
The new thermoplastic PO hot melt adhesive Jowat-Toptherm® 238.20 is characterised by a long open time, high initial strength and good adhesion to materials based on PP (e.g. NF-PP). The product is block-free and is used for precoating decors as reel material.

Product Features

  • Storage-stable precoating of decors, block-free
  • Tested for the VACFLOW method
  • Lamination adhesive for universal use incl. edgefolding
  • Excellent oxidation and colour stability, low cleaning effort

Application Description

Jowat-Toptherm® 238.20 is a precoating adhesive for flat lamination of textiles and foils that are used for lamination in pressing or vacuum deepdrawing methods, incl. edgefolding.




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