Product Description

EVA hot melts are well-established adhesives in the assembly of pocket innersprings. These adhesives are characterised by excellent performance in fast assembly processes, bridging the tensions and ensuring a permanent bonding of the rows of pocket innerspring.
Jowatherm® 261.65 has been developed especially for this application. This adhesive is used in assembly operations all over the world due to the high resistance to mechanical stress which facilitates a reliable downline handling and roll packaging as well as many years of restful nights on the mattress. The product provides excellent results in roll tests with up to 45,000 cycles.

A relatively low viscosity facilitates a good Penetration into the PP nonwoven. In spite of the low viscosity,this adhesive is characterised by relatively high Initial strength and an extremely fast build-up of cohesion.
Jowatherm® 261.65 is therefore suitable for automatic and semi-automatic units.
The adhesive can be processed on all standard unit types and applied vertically as well as horizontally, providing a stable adhesive bead which does not move during the open time.Therefore, this hot melt adhesive fulfils the requirements for modern pocket innersprings to a high degree.

Product Features

"All-rounder" for the assembly of pocket innersprings, for bead application:

  • no stringing, no soiling
  • high availability of the assembly lines
  • precise dosing of the bead application
  • good penetration and adhesion to nonwovens
  • high initial strength
  • fast build-up of adhesion
  • reliable handling of the innersprings directly
  • after assembly
  • Roll-Pack possible




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