Product Description

The edgebanding adhesive Jowatherm® 280.30 has been established on the market for more than two decades. Today, it is widely used by processors all around the world due to its impressive bonding strength and high yield. An unfilled edgebanding adhesive based on a classic EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) formulation, Jowatherm® 280.30 facilitates virtually invisible bondlines, so-called “optical zero joints” particularly on dark substrates.

The white colour version Jowatherm® 280.31 facilitates high-quality bonding results on white decor materials and white edgebands. 

Renowned for its versatility, the classic Jowatherm® 280.30 bonds a broad range of edgebanding substrates and facilitates material combinations with a wide variety of decors.

Product Features

Jowatherm® 280.30

  • General-purpose adhesive for straight edgebands, softforming and BAZ.
  • For bonding thermoplastic, HPL, CPL, resinated paper, solid wood and veneer edgebands.




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