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Low-temp Hot Melt Adhesives: Part of Jowat Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. This is not just about the use of renewable resources or recycled materials, but about so much more. The reduction of energy costs is also the focus of companies that have committed themselves to environmental and climate protection. Finally, the ongoing optimization of job security also plays a key role. Jowat Green Adhesives contribute to these goals and help companies to make their bonding processes – and thus also part of their everyday business – more sustainable and responsible.


For decades, the trim edges of wood-based materials have been finished with different edgebands. The adhesives used for this purpose must meet special requirements that match the high expectations with regard to the visual appearance of the product, advancing technology and a virtually unlimited variety of materials.

Manual edgebanders as well as automatic edgebanding machines apply a hot melt adhesive to ensure a permanent bonding between the edgebanding material and the carrier board. Those adhesives are solid at room temperature and become a viscous liquid when heated. The typical temperature range for processing EVA hot melt adhesives is between 180 °C (320 °F) and 210 °C (410 °F).

The energy needed for melting the adhesive can be reduced significantly with the low-temperature edgebanding hot melts from Jowat. These adhesives lower the costs due to reduced energy consumption, contribute to the protection of the environment and improve occupational safety by reducing the risk of burning.
Jowat supplies a broad variety of these formulations to meet the wide range of requirements. Jowatherm® 282.40 is an unfilled product that facilitates particularly thin bondlines. Jowatherm® 282.20 is considered the ultimate all-round adhesive, which has been used by processors from all over the world for many years. Both adhesives are also available in a white coloured version, thereby catering to the unbroken trend towards white decor surfaces.

Product Features

Jowatherm® 282.20/.30/.40/.60 for automatic and manual edgebanding machines.

  • Wide range of applications, e.g. for PVC, ABS, PP, resinated paper and veneer edgebands.
  • Processing temperatures starting from 130 °C / 266 °F
  • Resource-efficient due to low energy consumption
  • Energy cost savings of up to 30 %
  • Improved occupational safety due to reduced risk of burning


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