Product Description

Jowat has developed a new solvent-based primer for highest demands in edgebanding to address the latest as well as the upcoming amendments to the Reach classification of solvents (CMR substances).

The Primer Jowat® 407.09 is free of Tetrahydrofuran (THF) and N-Ethylpyrrolidone (NEP), and has been developed particularly for PP and ABS edgebands.

Following many decades of experience with edgeband primers, Jowat succeeded in replacing THF as well as NEP and at the same time meeting the high requirements in modern furniture manufacturing for edgebanding wood-based boards.




The following H statements have become obsolete due to the substitution of NEP and THF:
¦ 351: Suspected of causing cancer.
¦ 360Df: May damage the unborn child. Suspected of damaging fertility.
¦ 361d: Suspected of damaging the unborn child.

NEP and THF have not yet been included in the candidate list of Reach. In general, primers containing NEP and THF can still be sold. However, Primer Jowat® 407.09 provides the opportunity to implement the principle of substitution and to replace ABS primers containing NEP & THF.


Application Description

Primer Jowat® 407.09 is developed exclusively for ABS edgebands. Application by gravure or smooth roller.

Product Features

✓ Advantages

Primer Jowat® 407.09 provides special benefits for ABS edgebands:

  • The solvents composition in the primer has been adapted particularly to the properties and solubility of ABS.
  • Bites the ABS but does not dissolve.
  • Reduced thickening of the primer, especially on open roller applicator units.
  • At the same time, fast drying.
  • Homogenous application pattern as foundation for a good permanent bond strength.




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