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Low-temperature Hot Melt Adhesives: Part of Jowat Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. This is not just about the use of renewable resources or recycled materials, but about so much more. The reduction of energy costs is also the focus of companies that have committed themselves to environmental and climate protection. Finally, the ongoing optimization of job security also plays a key role. Jowat Green Adhesives contribute to these goals and help companies to make their bonding processes – and thus also part of their everyday business – more sustainable and responsible.


Jowat has developed a new unfilled PUR hot melt adhesive for highest requirements in edgebanding. Formulated with modern raw materials from the polyurethane chemistry and based on Jowat’s decades-long experience with edgebanding adhesives, Jowatherm-Reaktant® 608.00 fulfils the high expectations on edgebanding in modern furniture manufacturing.
A translucent bondline, broad spectrum of adhesion, excellent thermal stability and high initial strength, paired with significantly reduced adhesive application amount for almost invisible joints, make this product the top choice whenever requirements in furniture manufacturing are extremely challenging.


In premium furniture manufacturing, the value of the end product is more and more determined by the quality of the edgebanded parts. Demands on the adhesives and the adhesive technology have increased dramatically since laser technology and the so-called “zero bondline” were introduced. Moisture-curing PUR hot melts are processed whenever high resistance to heat, water, steam, solvents or cleaners is required. Jowatherm-Reaktant® 608.00/01 is a product that perfectly meets all visual and technical challenges in premium edgebanding.

Product Features

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 608.00/01 is an adhesives for automatic edgebanders. Wide field of application, e.g. edges made of HPL/CPL, Polyester, PVC, ABS, PP, resinated paper, solid wood or veneer.




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