Product Description

MS polymers are predominantly used in operations with very high requirements and elastic properties. The advantages compared to PUR adhesives are a wide field of applications and the formulation free of isocyanates.
Due to an integrated adhesion promoter, they attain best adhesion to many substrates that are difficult to bond or impermeable. The favourable qualities can be used for bonding as well as for sealing.

For instance as a reliable all-purpose product in manual and industrial assembly processes, e.g. bonding end trims or filling expansion joints.

Jowat® 695.15 is a 1-component, moisture-curing MS polymer. Curing takes place by reaction with humidity, therefore open bondlines or materials with a certain residual moisture are necessary. The adhesive Cures from the outside to the inside. In addition, it is resistant to weathering and UV-stable. Compared to silicones, this polymer can be painted without problems. Jowat® 695.15 does not slump and is therefore ideal for assembly operations on vertical surfaces.
The product is used for instance in the manufacture of kitchens and furniture, in interior construction, as well as for interior finishing of vehicles.

Application Description

MS polymer Jowat® 695.15 can be applied manually from Standard 290 ml cartridges using a cartridge gun or from Hobbock (22 kg) / drums ( 250 kg) using industrial dosing Units. Before use, the product must be tested for suitability.

Product Features

✓ Advantages:

  • Bonding and sealing: The cured adhesive is characterised by very high elasticity and can also be used as a bubble-free sealant.
  • Range of adhesion: Due to its wide range of adhesion, the adhesive can adhere to impermeable materials without a prior primer coating.
  • Tensile stress Absorption: The adhesive joint can absorb vibrations due to its permanent elasticity. In addition, it can also be painted / coated.
  • Sustainability: The MS polymer is free of isocyanates, solvents and silicones.