Product Description

Wood-based material lamination is one of the most important applications for all types of adhesives in the standard production of furniture. The range of bonding products is constantly expanded, for instance with thermoplastic hot melt adhesives, liquid dispersion glues and reactive hot melts based on polyurethane (PUR). In the field of thermosetting adhesives based on polycondensation resins, urea formaldehyde resin glues (UF resins) are the most significant group of products.

They are widely used in the general production of furniture due to major benefits such as low manufacturing costs, short setting times (hardening), and high bond strengths.

Jowat® 950.20 is a UF resin for hot curing, especially for classic veneering and for flat lamination with pressure laminates such as HPL (High Pressure Laminates) or CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminates). Due to an integrated hardener, the formaldehyde glue is prepared by simply mixing the powder with water (mixing ratio by weight powder : water 2:1).

Bonds with Jowat® 950.20 meet the requirements for class I according to DIN EN 314-2 and E1 according to DIN EN 717-2.


Application Description

Jowat® 950.20 is an UF resin for bonding veneer, decor papers and pressure laminates (HPL, CPL) to wood-based substrates. For warm and hot presses, as well as for the manufacture of plywood form parts in high-frequency presses.

Product Features

✓ Advantages

  • Efficiency: The powder form of the adhesive provides a major advantage in countries with extreme climatic conditions (very cold or very hot). The glue is prepared shortly before processing depending on the local need. This facilitates a safe transport and storing of the adhesive.
  • Versatility: For a more elastic glue line with improved adhesion (e.g. for difficult-to-bond veneers), the adhesive can be mixed with 10 – 20 % of PVAc dispersion (for instance Jowacoll® 113.10).
  • Low in formaldehyde: Jowat® 950.20 facilitates an E1 bond quality (according to DIN EN 717-2).




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