Product Description

Bio-based Adhesives: Part of Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. The avoidance of fossil raw materials and the increased use of renewable resources are only part of the whole.
With our Jowat Green Adhesives we offer a diverse adhesive portfolio so that you can make your adhesive processes more sustainable and responsible in every respect.

Sustainable wood bonding with Jowacoll® GROW

Are you looking for a biobased dispersion adhesive for solid wood bonding and laminating wood-based boards with different decor materials? Jowacoll® GROW 105.85 contains 20 percent renewable raw materials and is characterized by a wide range of applications.
Short pressing times facilitate quick and energy-efficient bonding processes with unheated presses. Whether applied by roller, nozzle or manually: Jowacoll® GROW 105.85 works.

Product Features

Jowacoll® GROW 105.85

  • Biobased dispersion adhesive for solid wood and wood-based materials


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