Application Description

The new generation of PO hot melts for the assembly of core packages

Core assembly adhesives have to meet very complex requirements. They need to provide a long open time, a fast build-up of cohesion (handling strength), high heat resistance, and excellent process reliability. More and more frequently, core packages are assembled with thermoplastic polyolefin (PO) hot melts. Compared to standard polyamide (PA) hot melts which have been the standard product for this application for many years, PO hot melt adhesives are characterised by significantly better oxidation stability. This leads to substantially reduced production downtimes due to maintenance and cleaning work or malfunctions, and increases the reliability of processes.

Product Information


Base Viscosity [mPas] /
Temperature [°C]
Temperature [°C]
Open Time [s] /
Temperature [°C] /
mm Bead
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Jowat-Toptherm® 230.70 PO Hot Melt Adhesive 1520 ± 430 / 190 180 - 200 12 ± 3 / 190 / 2 Assembly bonding of sand cores in casting operations. de en fr
Jowat-Toptherm® 238.97 PO Hot Melt Adhesive 1100 ± 300 / 200 180 - 200 15 ± 2 / 190 / 2 Assembly bonding of sand cores in casting operations. de en fr

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Jowatherm® PO 238.97.PDF