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Multifaceted and durable - Optimum adhesives for all processes in window profile wrapping

Specialised high-performance adhesives are essential to realising a wide design variety and superior functional characteristics in efficient manufacturing processes in the modern window industry. Jowat supports supplies a portfolio of tried and trusted adhesives and assists manufacturers with its extensive know-how built up over the years and a comprehensive service.

The advantages of plastic windows are unmatched. They are highly energy efficient and can satisfy the most diverse visual requirements of customers. From authentic wooden looks to a wide range of colours and textures – there are hardly any limits to creativity in the choice of decor foils. Therefore, style conscious consumers can find the right product. For instance, a window frame with a trendy finish on the inside and another more traditional finish on the outside matching the external façade.

However, apart from energetic and visual aspects, a major focus is still on the window’s functionality. Due to exposure to extreme weathering and lifespans of 25 to 40 years, the materials from which the frames are manufactured must meet highest requirements. The extensive portfolio of tried and trusted primers and adhesives supplied by the adhesives specialist Jowat from Detmold provides the perfect-fit solution for each requirement. The products have been tested and approved according to the technical annex to RAL-GZ 716 and therefore ensure a permanent and reliable bonding of the decor foils and the PVC profiles.

Jowat offers specialised and approved high-performance adhesives from the Jowatherm-Reaktant® product range, which are used in combination with the optimally adapted and also approved Jowat® primer depending on the specific process requirements. These tried and tested adhesive systems can be processed on established profile wrapping units and are characterised by a wide range of adhesion and fast crosslinking as well as stable and efficient processes. Coupled with the non-hazardous, VOC-reduced Jowat® primers, the PUR adhesives from Detmold facilitate optimum results in compliance with all requirements according to the technical annex to RAL-GZ 716 concerning peel strengths – even under harshest environmental conditions like in the hydrolysis test – and also help protect workers and the environment from a sustainability point of view.

The adhesives manufacturer’s extensive know-how built up over the years is coupled with a comprehensive service covering all bonding-related aspects. “Adhesives for industrial applications are not available off the shelf. These products are based on a deep understanding of the individual applications,” explains Maik Johanntoberens, Product Manager at Jowat SE, the enterprise’s service concept. “From the first discussions to the joint implementation to the application of the adhesive – we are always there for our customers.”

Jowat SE celebrates its 100th corporate anniversary this year. Since 1919, the globally active adhesives specialist has built its success on an impressive range of adhesives, deep understanding of industry requirements and close customer contact. Jowat has continually been developing its products on the strength of that close contact with the market and customers, and therefore provides a wide variety of solutions for all application technologies. The high-performance products for window profile wrapping underscore Jowat’s leadership in innovation and provide future-oriented technological solutions for bonding processes which meet the rising economic and ecological requirements.

The article is published in the magazine "Bauelemente Bau 10/19" in German language ( You can download the original article down below.