Reliable at top speeds

Everyday consumer products such as food, toiletries and cleaners are fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) that are bought frequently and spontaneously, and which are quickly replaced again on store shelves. The high turnover rate of these products is matched by the speed in the packaging process. They are characterised by short cycle times in highly efficient processes, flexible format changeovers for the fast production of a multitude of different products, and short-term design modifications to meet the zeitgeist of the times. The latest trend of open packaging, for instance, facilitates a better view of the product and draws the customers’ attention to the article at the point of sale. High-quality packaging solutions have tomeet increasing demands. Especially in the case of fast moving consumer goods, a functional and high-quality packaging with a superior appearance can be a decisive factor in whether a product is bought or not. This is particularly true for packaging with a high emotional experience factor, like confectionery packaging.

In food packaging processes, the requirements are generally even significantly higher. In addition to facilitating an attractive appearance and easy handling, the packaging also has to protect the product.

Cases of mineral oil migration into food, especially from recycled paper packaging, have marked the food industry. Therefore, food safety is a major concern, and suitable solutions, such as reliable barrier layers, are needed.

The many different challenges can be tackled only in cooperation with competent partners with the necessary expertise and understanding of the industry. Jowat supports processors with innovative, tried and proven adhesive solutions and a comprehensive advisory service for the entire value chain in the food and consumer goods industry – with the permanent objective of facilitating perfect packaging solutions and efficient processes.

Find out more in our Industry Information "Adhesive solutions for the Food and Consumer Goods Industry".


End-of-line packaging

Powerful and flexible: high-performance adhesives for end-of-line processes. Highly efficient processes, food safety, frequently changing designs: The requirements for packaging materials and processes are extremely complex. Whether the bonding of paper wrappers, folding boxes, cases, or trays - high-performance adhesives support processors in all applications.

Beverage cartons

Maximum performance, no odour - Caps and straws need powerful bonding partners. A multitude of straw and closure systems on beverage cartons are supposed to ensure a maximum handling comfort and undiminished enjoyment of drinks for consumers. Powerful adhesives with special characteristics facilitate permanent adhesion and an appealing appearance.


A successful label - adhesive solutions for perfect-fit messages! By carrying the message of a brand, labels can influence the customers decision. The choice of the right adhesive depends on more than just the flawless exterior appearance of the label.


Load security

Nothing slipping - safe transport thanks to functional adhesives. Adhesives used to secure loads during transport impress with profitable advantages: They not only bond but also function as an anti-slip coating to protect goods during transport and storage.