Application Description

The manufacture of clear folding boxes requires special adhesives. Clear folding boxes can be manufactured from a variety of plastics, each with different surface properties, and often difficult to bond. The joint has to be virtually “invisible”, without any blisters that would impair the view.
For the longitudinal seam of clear folding boxes, Jowat supplies a couple of powerful reactive hot melts from the Jowatherm-Reaktant® product group. These adhesives ensure a strong bond on all standard plastics (PET, PP and PVC). In addition, the PUR hot melts are transparent, provide an optimum heat resistance, and cure in thin layers without any blisters in the bondline. The special feature of these products is a significantly reduced yellowing of the bondline due to the very high UV resistance of the adhesive. This ensures a permanently attractive packaging.

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The second new Jowat adhesive for the manufacture of clear folding boxes - Jowatherm-Reaktant® 603.59 – is a specialist when only short pressing zones…