Application Description

Cleaning textiles are an indispensable part of every household. Several layers of different materials are laminated to each other to manufacture small cleaning heroes. Whether scourers with a sponge and an abrasive layer consisting of a rough fleece which may contain an abrasive agent, or a layer of foam and leather in polishing discs as they are used in car care products. Generally, the adhesive is sprayed on the preformed foam after which the abrasive material is applied. The end product is exposed to high mechanical and, due to the cleaning agent, also to chemical stress. Bonding the separate layers with powerful PUR hot melt adhesives ensures a high compound strength of the textiles and excellent resistance against moisture and cleaning agents. After laminating, the textile compound is cut into small pieces and packaged. During these downline processing steps, the adhesive has to master further challenges: short process times require a very fast build-up of a very high initial strength.


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Further Applications