"Think differently" (2015)

The “think differently“ campaign of Jowat

The Jowat communication campaign around the trade fairs in 2015 was headed by the motto “think differently – better bonding”.
It was Francis Picabia (1879-1953), a French painter, writer and maverick, who came up with the famous quotation “Our heads are round so that thought can change direction”.
This is just the kind of change in direction which motivates us at Jowat all the time to develop the matching adhesives for your special requirements. Always with the declared goal to increase the benefits you get from the adhesives in your processing due to their efficient functions.
To “think differently”, you will not need to enter the realm of Aristotle, Einstein, Planck or Hawking, but you are cordially invited to join us in thinking differently, for your better bonding, today and tomorrow.
As a key visual for the campaign we developed our Jowat brain made of adhesives, a visual combination of the two topics “Thinking” and “Adhesives”.

Our campaign motifs present examples and solutions from the diverse world of adhesives, all resulting from consequently thinking differently. Please visit our campaign microsite at www.jowat.de/thinkdifferently. There you will find not only our new campaign motifs with focus on the Paper & Packaging industry, but also some interesting and entertaining information around the theme of brain science. We have started our campaign already for the Ligna 2015, the worldwide leading trade fair for the woodworking and wood processing industry, and for the Interzum 2015, both targeting the Wood, Furniture and Construction market. We have taken up the motto “think differently – better bonding” to continue the campaign around the FachPack trade fair in September 2015 and the BrauBeviale in November 2015 with campaign motifs for innovative bonding solutions.

Please check out our current campaign motifs as well as the ones presented earlier this year. You find them here: