We respond to tomorrow's necessities.

In our daily work, our customers are the key factor. Our goal is to meet their requirements efficiently and provide holistic solutions. Being close to the customer and entirely aware of his needs is a matter of course for us.

Our quality awareness is a continuous and successful progressive development. On our way to Total Quality Management, a major focus is on the optimizing of internal processes, preventing errors, exceptional product quality, and on time deliveries.

In the interest of a sustainable development, Jowat SE is holding itself obligated to integrate the quality requirements and the environmental protection as well as energy efficiency actively into the product development, into the planning of new machinery and equipment, and into the manufacture itself.

We understand quality, environmental protection, and energy efficiency, to be a constant corporate goal.

We consistently pursue strategies that are aimed at reaching this target by continuous improvement of quality, environmental balance, and the reduction of the specific energy consumption. Our major driving force is the interest to provide optimum service for our customers. To this end, we are making every effort internally to continuously improve all our processes.

On the one hand, this covers a close cooperation with suppliers concerning the quality and availability of raw materials; on the other, we conduct an extensive interchange with our solution partners, of experience and ideas in development and technical applications, in order to supply our joint customers with field-oriented solutions.

The guidelines of Jowat SE for quality, environment and energy are binding for all employees at all sites. The Executive Management carries a special responsibility. They set the examples to follow. They actively promote an increasing awareness of the employees concerning quality, environment and energy efficiency throughout the company and ensure that this is embedded in the corporate culture.

Our staff is our greatest asset.

We are utilizing our know-how in every workplace in the interest of our customers. To supply quality and develop customer satisfaction, we need qualified, motivated and satisfied employees. All staff members shall identify with the standards of Jowat SE and represent us externally as quality supplier.

We intend to motivate by transferring responsibility and recognizing achievement, also by a good level of information concerning operational relations. The staff receives the respective support in training and further education, which maintains and improves the level of quality. An ongoing qualification of the staff therefore plays a key role.

The safety of our employees is of utmost importance. The constant enhancement of occupational safety is therefore a fixed component in our processes, with emphasis on prevention of accidents in the workplace.

Our Management System Manual is available to all employees on the Jowat Intranet.

We also communicate our guidelines via the Internet. Freely accessible information concerning measures of quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency of Jowat SE motivates all employees and achieves credibility in the eyes of the public.

We are developing adhesives and technologies that set quality benchmarks in their markets, and are of outstanding environmental compatibility.

We utilize our potential for innovation to gain the leadership in development and applications in the product fields and industries in which we operate. To develop adhesives and technologies of first-class quality, with low impact on the environment and resources, is a major focus of our work in research and development.

The manufacture matches the quality requirements, is of low impact on the environment and limits energy consumption. It takes the entire lifecycle of the product into account, from product conception via purchasing of raw materials and consumables, via the manufacture itself, to recycling or disposal. The environmental and energy management is an integral component of the design of the plant and of purchasing activities.

We meet our environmental responsibility with sustainable concepts, because our vision is a production free of waste and carbon-neutral. We are actively pursuing a constant optimization of the production processes in order to protect the natural resources, to use ecologically safe production methods, to prevent emissions, and to allow us to offer competent environmental consultation to our customers. We focus on application and improvement of technologies that save on energy and water, are low in emissions and waste.

We comply with our legal obligations and other requirements.

Observing applicable laws and regulations as well as our internal standards is the basis for a continual improvement process. We are maintaining an electronic system to monitor statutory regulations to ensure the largest possible degree of legal compliance. The responsible staff for the areas has access to the necessary resources and information to maintain the improvement process. Internal and external audits are used to continuously check and evaluate the relevant criteria. This is achieved by a regular analysis of the quality, environment, and energy data.

Our guidelines on quality, environment and energy are subject to regular revisions in the context of management audits, and are adapted if necessary.

Klaus Kullmann
Ralf Nitschke
Dr. Christian Terfloth

Detmold, 2022-07-06