The Region

The second German production site of Jowat was already established in 1992, in Elsteraue. This municipality with a population of 9,000 is located in the Burgenlandkreis, a county in the southern region of Saxony-Anhalt and in direct proximity of Detmold’s twin town Zeitz, in a distance of about 40 km to Leipzig.

The adhesive program includs dispersion, hot melt, and solvent-based adhesives as well as primer/adhesion promoters. This makes Elsteraue the second largest manufacturing site in regard to adhesive output within the global network of the Jowat production locations.

The capacity and adhesive range were continuously expanded in Elsteraue as well. By setting up new manufacturing facilities and installation of new production lines in the past years, accompanied by steady improvements to our processes, we are able to meet the permanently increasing demand, especially for hot melts, primers and solvent-based adhesives and to provide our customers with the expected quality and service.