Working together for the best solution

Before our adhesive products get published for sale in the industry, they have been evaluated and tested and brought to excellence in close cooperation with our Solution Partners. Solution Partners are manufacturers of machinery, materials, substrates, application equipment, serving the same industry we supply. The exchange of ideas and experience in regard to research and development activities, product application, as well as co-operative efforts between us, will lead to improved and new practical assembly methods.

In their daily life our customers work with the full package containing the machine, the substrate, the application unit and – of course – the adhesive.
The best solution for the customers – in their daily life and in new projects – is born in cooperation of these players.

Jowat Solution Partner Support is a global team that takes care of these partnerships to ensure the best outcome for our customers.

Tim Görder

Global Director
Solution Partner Support

+49 (0)5231 749-5304
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