Application Description

Manufacture of car batteries

The highest requirements are often in the detail. For instance, in the manufacture of car batteries the adhesive has to meet complex demands. Thermoplastic PO hot melts which have been developed specially for this application provide substantial advantages over the use of two-component epoxies: high resistance to acids, highly efficient one-component processing, and excellent adhesion to the polypropylene case of the battery. In addition, they are optimally adapted to fully automated production processes with fast process cycles due to a long open time and a fast build-up of cohesion. Another benefit is provided by the formulation of the adhesive: Due to their shared chemical basis, PO hot melt and PP battery cases can be recycled together.

Water-repellent foils

Car interiors are also protected from water by special water-repellent foils which are bonded directly on the body and function as a water barrier between the door and the door panelling. Modern materials additionally function as sound insulation and shield the interior from different body and road noises. These foils are fixed with special pressure-sensitive adhesives based on polyolefin which are characterised by high heat resistance.


Further Applications