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Demonstrating flexibility with Jowatherm® PSA hot melt

ductile pipes adhesive

The ductile pipes are subject to strict quality requirements, which also have to be met by the adhesive used.

Jowat adhesive PSA team

Nurdan Yücel, Serpil Arıöz, Ülken Erdoğ (Marketing Manager Jowat Atasoy), Mustafa Kemal Can (Plant Manager Samsun Makina), Ata Burak Yucel, Salih Karadiş (Production Manager Samsun Makina; left to right)

Water is more than a necessity – it’s the basis of all life. To create an exhaustive drinking water supply, more and more regions around the world are being developed with drinking water and wastewater networks. An important component are the pipes, made by Turkish company Samsun Makina using a Jowat adhesive.

Customer Magazine 01/2019

When it comes to drinking water, irrigation, wastewater and infrastructure systems, Samsun Makina is the leading provider in Turkey. With more than 50 years’ experience, the company is firmly established in the Industry and occupies its leading position not only in Turkey, but also internationally – its comprehensive product range is exported to more than 30 countries.

Pipes under high pressure
Samsun Makina was the first Turkish Company to produce ductile cast pipes. These are more durable and safer than conventional pipes, because they are able to withstand pressure through flexibility. The pipes do not rupture or burst under pressure, but rather bend and so continue to supply running water. Their use helps secure the water supply in inaccessible areas and earthquake-prone regions. All the components of the pipe must be able to withstand extreme stress. The interior is lined with zinc, before being laminated with adhesive and coated with polyethylene. If the pipe is deformed, none of these layers must be damaged – that’s why the lamination is performed with a hot melt adhesive that must have certain properties. As well as strong and long-lasting adhesion, it also has to provide a soft adhesive joint.

“Jowat’s service convinced us.”
During its process optimisation, Samsun Makina happened upon a product from the Jowatherm® series, which was already being used by other manufacturers in the industry. “Our interest was piqued immediately,” explains Nurdan Yücel, Quality Manager at Samsun Makina. “And Jowat has a very good reputation as an adhesive manufacturer.”

Ata Burak Yucel is a Territory Sales Manager at the Turkish subsidiary, Jowat Atasoy. He immediately recognised the customer’s potential and provided a sample of the adhesive for test runs. The first trials were successful, leading to the customer’s decision to work with the Jowat product. “It was not only the adhesive that made up our minds,” explains Nurdan Yücel. “The application expertise of the team and the know-how of the technical advisors impress us too.” Ductile cast pipes have to meet several industrial standards at once. They therefore have to undergo additional performance tests. Although the adhesive impressed the customer, the end product did not achieve a perfect result. For Jowat, this comes as no surprise: “The process analysis had not yet been performed. Challenges often arise in the first stage, which then need to be solved,” explains Serpil Arıöz, Technical Support Service Manager at Jowat Atasoy. Many variables need to be taken into account to produce suitable adhesives. As well as the machinery and raw materials used, the subsequent use and contact with other materials also need to be taken into consideration. It’s therefore almost impossible to get it right first time. “Even if two companies produce a comparable product, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same adhesive will be suitable for them,” remarks Serpil Arıöz.

Achieving goals together
Jowat performed a process analysis, taking into account the materials used and the subsequent purpose of use, to determine the ideal product: Jowatherm® 245.00 has a high viscosity and creates a flexible adhesive joint, even after drying. When placed under strain, the adhesive strength gets even stronger. Jowat Atasoy conducted the performance test with the selected formulation and achieved the ideal result of 100 percent! All that hard work was rewarded: Samsun Makina opted to work with Jowat Atasoy long-term, thanks to its flexibility rivalling the ductile pipes. And not only is the customer satisfied, but Jowat too has benefited from the deal: Thanks to the successful completion of the project, Jowatherm® 245.00 is the best-selling PSA hot melt in Turkey thus far.