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Jowat to sharpen focus on sustainability at FachPack

GROW bonsai adhesive

Brand new at FachPack 2019: Bio-based hotmelts from the Jowatherm® GROW series Source: Jowat SE

With its brand new products from the Jowatherm® GROW series, the adhesives expert from Detmold will be marking a milestone in the development of bio-based hot melts for environmentally compatible bonding of packaging at the FachPack trade fair.

Jowatherm® GROW 853.20 & 853.22 Bio-based hot melt adhesives for a sustainable bonding of packaging

The new Jowatherm® GROW product range of Jowat boasts hot melt adhesives with a very high content of renewable raw materials, which impress with high efficiency and cleanliness during processing and facilitate recyclable bonds according to the German packaging law. In their formulation, only resins made from crude liquid rosin are used. Crude liquid rosin is a by-product of the sustainable manufacture of paper and does not compete with food production.

Jowat will be showcasing two new adhesives from the series at FachPack. The two products are characterised by high contents of bio-based materials of over 30 % and over 45 %, respectively. In addition, they are great team players in sustainable and efficient packaging processes. Application temperatures as low as 120 degrees Celsius reduce energy consumption and contribute substantially to the conservation of resources and the optimisation of health aspects in the work environment. Another major benefit of the new product series is the precise adhesive application. The clean cut-off of the adhesive string at the nozzle prevents wasted material and keeps machine parts and packaging clean. Cleaning costs and standstills can therefore be reduced significantly and the equipment’s lifespan be increased.

The new sustainable and innovative adhesive solutions from the Jowatherm® GROW product series provide bio-based hot melts coupled with Jowat’s extensive support in food law requirements – in many carton, tray and folding box bonding applications. The wide range of adhesion facilitates a reliable bonding of hard-to-bond surfaces. And their high flexibility at low temperatures is favourable in deep-freeze applications.

100 years of Jowat. Since 1919, the globally active adhesives specialist from Detmold has systematically and successfully been building on an impressive product diversity, deep industrial understanding, as well as close customer contact and service. Today, Jowat is a market and innovation leader in the industry.

You can find Jowat at FachPack in Nuernberg from 24 to 26 September in hall 2, booth 2-326, under the anniversary banner “Our word is our bond – since 1919”.