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New, low-emission foil adhesive for floorings and doors

A new Jowat dispersion adhesive received the highest classification A+ from “Émissions dans l’air interieur,” currently the strictest rating system in Europe.

Detmold, 14. October 2015. – Successful development by Jowat. Emissions in foil lamination are reduced by a factor of 25. The new powerful Jowacoll® foil adhesive far outperforms standard dispersions based on EVA.

Healthy living conditions are becoming more important to consumers. Legislation is working hard to come up with the corresponding regulations for building and furnishing products. Due to the lack of any EU or international classifications, there are currently a number of different national rating systems to be observed, for instance the German “AgBB” (Committee for Health_Related Evaluation of Building Products) and the French “Émissions dans l’air interieur”, which currently has the strictest requirements. The latter provides emission classifications from A+ to C depending on the total VOC emission and a rating of 10 individual substances, including formaldehyde. The new Jowacoll® foil adhesive received the highest classification level and the emission label A+.

The low-emission Jowacoll® foil adhesive is a vinyl acetate copolymer dispersion developed for laminating wood-based substrates with thermoplastic foils and decor papers. The adhesive is part of Jowat’s product group of innovative ER (emission-reduced) adhesives and the processing characteristics are outstanding. Due to the neutral ph of the adhesive, undesired colour reactions, which may occur on the laminated substrate in combination with acidic dispersions, are avoided. The wide range of adhesion to different surfaces and substrates that have to meet the demanding requirements in the flooring sector facilitates flexible manufacturing processes. In addition, processing speed is increased due to the high initial strength, and the good heat resistance provides a superior quality level of the final product. Higher water resistance as it is recommended for the manufacture of door leaves or flooring elements can be reached by adding a corresponding crosslinking agent.

Technical information about the product, measurement methods and application reports are available for interested companies directly at Jowat or at www.jowat.de/en/.

Photo material and captions:

Healthy living conditions due to the low-emission foil adhesive from Jowat with the best classification level.
Source: © Meisterwerke

Emission label A+ of the “Émissions dans l’air interieur” rating system
Source: Ministère de l'Ecologie, du Développement durable et de l'Energie