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NEW: Jowacoll® 764.45 – 1-component dispersion for highest requirements in high-end printing foil lamination.

Detmold. 17th September 2015 - A new lighthouse product from Jowat, a 1-component dispersion takes the lead among water-based adhesives for printing foil lamination.

This innovative dispersion adhesive was especially developed to meet the high requirements in regard to manufacturing efficiency and end product quality in printing foil lamination.

Over the last years, the characteristics of the Jowacoll® product family for foil lamination of superior packaging materials (e.g. for luxury goods) were systematically optimised and now the top position among the most powerful lamination adhesives for high-end printing foil lamination is taken over by a new product.

Jowacoll® 764.45, the new Jowat foil lamination adhesive for print sheets, is ready to use. Whether foaming, degree of gloss, compound strength, cutting stability, and resistance to downline stress factors like embossing, grooving, or folding – the processing characteristics of this 1-component adhesive are similar to, if not better than those of 2 component systems in the high-end sector. The absence of processing steps like dosing and mixing leads to an increase in manufacturing efficiency. By using this 1 component adhesive, processors eliminate all error sources, like dosage, mixing, pot life or disposal, which are existing when 2 component systems are used. Last but not least, the increase in processing speed and safety, reduced costs and best bonding results are additional benefits.

Print finishing methods and processes as they are used for luxury goods packaging or superior book cover finishing have the greatest benefit from this high-end dispersion. The performance of this adhesive is comparable to the 2 component alternatives available, however, the superior processing properties are unmatched. The combination of all these advantages makes Jowacoll® 764.45 the best performer among adhesives for printing foil lamination.

Selecting the right printing foil lamination adhesives depends on the product requirements, the type of laminator and methods of application used. Jowat application consultants support customers in the decision-making process with their competent and comprehensive technical and industrial know-how.


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Campaign motif „foil lamination“ as part of the Jowat campaign „think differently – better bonding“

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