Product Description

Adhesives based on polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) are among the most important adhesives used in the furniture industry. These water-based dispersion adhesives – often also called “white glues” or “wood glues” – impress with a wide range of benefits. They are physiologically harmless, form a colourless bondline, and have a relatively low viscosity. In addition, they can be thinned with water, which facilitates an easy cleaning of the application and processing equipment and has played a major role in the wide use of this type of adhesives.
PVAc glues are used in a broad spectrum of applications. From frame and assembly bonding, to groove bonding, full-surface bonding, and to classic veneering – PVAc glues provide a reliable bond on many different wood species and wood-based substrates.


Jowacoll® 104.20 is a general-purpose glue in the Jowat product portfolio. As a typical “carpenter’s glue”, the solvent-free adhesive can be used in trade and craft as well as in industrial assembly bonding. The dispersion adhesive meets the requirements of EN 204 for durability class D2 and can therefore be used for interior bonding applications with occasional short-term exposure to running or condensed water and/or to occasional high humidity provided the moisture content of the wood does not exceed 18 %. 

Application Description

Jowacoll® 104.20 is a general-purpose PVAc glue for Wood bonding, also for hardwood species and block bonding. Meets the requirements for durability class D2 according to EN 204.




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