Product Description

Jowat-Toptherm® 237.50 is an unfilled edgebanding adhesive based on polyolefin (PO), which impresses due to high heat resistance, outstanding bond strengths, a wide range of adhesion and a superior appearance of the adhesive joint. This hot melt adhesive provides a good alternative to PUR adhesives for processors when a wide range of adhesion and a “zero bondline” are required. In many cases, investments into new machinery are not necessary.

In addition, Jowat-Toptherm® 237.50 is in conformity with REACH and, compared to reactive adhesives that are subject to hazard labelling requirements, facilitates highest protection of employees and the environment. Jowat-Toptherm® 237.50 does not contain any filling agents. This makes it possible to manufacture virtually invisible, colourless adhesive joints, especially on dark decors and high-gloss furniture fronts, with an outstanding yield.

Product Features

Jowat-Toptherm® 237.50

For automatic edgebanding machines. Wide range of applications, e.g. for PVC, ABS, PP, as well as for resinated paper and veneer edgebands.

The Benefits for You

  • Future-oriented – does not contain any isocyanates and is not subject to hazard labelling requirements
  • Premium edgebanding due to filler-free formulation – edgebanding with zero-joint appearance
  • High strength data compared with traditional PO hot melt adhesives
  • High yield – high strength at even low adhesive application amounts
  • High heat resistance due to high softening range




In modern furniture manufacture, the equipment, adhesives and processors are permanently faced with new challenges. To meet the changing requirements in the market, existing systems and established procedures need to be regularly adapted. Today, the quality of the edgebanding is an important hallmark of superior furniture. Jowat has therefore set itself the objective of developing adhesives that will impress you and delight your customers. Easy to process and with highest demands in terms of technical and visual quality. Not least with the determination to constantly promote modern occupational safety.

Jowat-Toptherm 237.50 has been specially developed for processors who:

  • want to increase quality compared to traditional EVA edgebanding, e.g. higher heat resistance and modern performance levels in thermoplastic edgebanding
  • are looking for an alternative due to forthcoming REACH restrictions on isocyanates
  • want to couple a zero-joint appearance with the good properties of a PO hot melt adhesive.
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