Product Description

Jowatherm® 250.00 has been established in the global market for nearly 25 years and has since become a tried and trusted partner for the closure of beverage cartons. To this day, the universal-purpose Jowatherm® 250.00 continues to impress in processes with widely used applicators, surfaces and closure systems and has been adding value in the industry. The adhesive is a significant factor in the exterior appearance of the beverage carton. While the range of different closure systems and surfaces is constantly growing, cap applications have remained one of the most challenging bonding procedures in packaging processes.

The manufacturing process is characterized by special conditions: fast cycle times, low application amounts coupled with the requirement for high initial strengths and good adhesion to the most different substrates are a prerequisite. In addition, heat and cold resistance are essential characteristics for ensuring a reliable adhesion, for example in hot filling processes and subsequent cold storage. Special attention in the development of Jowatherm® 250.00 has been paid to its heat resistance, which has remained unmatched to this day.

Product Features

Jowatherm® 250.00

  • Food safety: EU 10/2011; FDA 175.105; GB 9685
  • Approved by Tetra Pak and SIG Combibloc




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