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Adhesives for Occupational Safety: Part of Our Green Adhesives

Sustainability is diverse. The commitment to increased employee protection distinguishes a company that acts sustainably and responsibly. By using selected adhesives from Jowat Green Adhesives, you as an employer make an important contribution to occupational safety and at the same time optimize your processes.

One-component, moisture-curing PUR hot melt adhesives have been a technology established in the furniture industry for many years. These conventional PUR hot melt adhesives generally contain an excess of free monomer isocyanate (usually 4-4’- Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate – in short MDI) of approx. 2 %. Since 2012, products containing isocyanate with a free monomer isocyanate content of 0.1 % or higher must be labelled with the GHS pictogram no. 8 (health hazard) and the relevant safety information (H and P statements). Adhesives with an MDI content of less than 0.1 % are not subject to hazard labelling requirements.

Jowat has successfully been promoting the development of alternative technologies with a content below that limit since the early 2000s already. The Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR (Monomer-Reduced) product family from Jowat supplies many hazard-free PUR hot melt adhesives for a wide range of applications. 
The general profile wrapping adhesive Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR 605.90 is an established product in this series. The PUR hot melt is used for wrapping wood and wood-based material with resinated decor papers and thermoplastic foils as well as with lacquered sheet metal and aluminium.

Application Description

 Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR 605.90  is an adhesive for wrapping wood and wood-based materials with resinated decor papers and thermoplastic foils. Wide range of applications, e.g. for decor papers, thermoplastic foils, lacquered sheet metal and

Suitable Flushing Agent: Jowat® 930.74 for flushing out applicator units for PUR hot melts after extended down times. Contains a reaction inhibitor that prevents the chemical reaction.

Product Features

✓ No GHS labelling necessary*

✓ No P and H statements necessary*



 (*according to EU regulation 1272/2008 and EU directive 2008/58/EC)




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