Product Description

Hot melt adhesives based on reactive polyurethane (PUR) currently represent the highest quality level in edgebanding. These moisture-curing hot melt adhesives require more caution during processing. They are supplied in moisture-proof packaging and processed in special melting units protected from exposure to ambient humidity.

The newly available PUR in granulate allows an easy entry into this technology. The granulate is not only interesting for processors new to the PUR hot melt technology, but above all also for small companies which absolutely require a PUR bond for specific applications.

Jowat SE has developed a patented manufacturing method for moisture-reactive hot melt adhesives in granulate form. The tried and proven adhesives from the product family Jowatherm-Reaktant® are suitable for bonding regular edgebands of all kinds.

INFO: Underwater granulation

In underwater granulation, the molten material to be granulated is extruded through the holes of a perforated plate into a cooling liquid (water in this case) and the string of extruded material is then cut off by fast rotating knives. The temperature difference between the hot adhesive and the cold water causes the adhesive string to contract instantly after it is cut off by the knives, leading to the typical ball shape of the underwater granulate. The round granules are characterised by an optimum flow behaviour and minimum contact surface, and therefore provide major benefits in dosing and dispensing compared to other geometries.

Application Description

For automatic edgebanders. Wide field of application, e.g. edges made of HPL/CPL, polyester, PVC, ABS, PP, resinated paper, solid wood or veneer.

General purpose - Non-hazardous

Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR 607.90/91


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