Product Description

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 642.30 is a universal, powerful PUR hot melt adhesive for the lamination of three-dimensional parts in automotive interiors.
Wide range of adhesion and high initial strength on different materials, easy application by spraying as well as with nozzle or roller applicators, convenient handling, outstanding peel resistances before and after alternating climate tests: These high requirements are all met by Jowatherm-Reaktant® 642.30.


  • Very good creep resistance
  • High initial strength
  • Outstanding peel resistance before/after alternating climate test

Processing methods:

  • By spraying
  • By roller
  • By nozzle
  • Vacuum deep-drawing
  • Press laminating

Range of materials*:

  • PC/ABS carrier
  • ABS carrier
  • PP carrier (pretreated)
  • NFPP carrier
  • TPO foils
  • PVC foils
  • Real leather decors

*Preliminary testing is imperative due to different material specifications (e.g. the wide range of plasticizers used in PVC foils).

Applications in vehicle interiors:

  • Door trims
  • Center consoles
  • Armrests
  • Dashboards
  • Headliners
  • Pillar trims

Product Features

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 642.30

  • PUR hot melt adhesive for laminating three-dimensional parts in automotive interiors.




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