Automotive adhesives

  • Reactive hot melts
  • Thermoplastic hot melts
  • Pressure sensitive hot melts
  • Dispersions

Jowat adhesives in the automotive industry

Today, automobile manufacturers rely on adhesive technology as a fixed component of their production lines. In each vehicle, an average of 15 kg of different adhesives is used to assemble and mount a vast variety of parts. Automotive companies and their sub-suppliers of international renown place confidence in the innovative adhesives made by Jowat.

The major area where the adhesives of Jowat SE are used is the car interior. Even if the specific processing technologies for adhesives vary widely - all products supplied by Jowat SE have been tested extensively and proven in long-term use. New processes and adhesives are developed in close cooperation among the automotive partner, the parts producer and the engineering company involved. After successful completion of all tests, implementation in serial production can start.

The adhesives have the role of supporting an efficient manufacturing process as well as matching the requirements of the individual component. Adhesives from Jowat SE are used throughout the entire supply chain: from pre-coating with thermoplastic hot melts directly onto the foil or the textile, to the production of interior components, and to the final assembly in the vehicle. 

There are multiple applications: from attaching emblems, to the manufacture of complete textile convertible roofs, from trunk lining to decorative trim for air duct grids, from the surface coverage of the columns, to the assembly of the sub-layers of the seats - adhesives made by Jowat are used successfully everywhere. This brochure is not a complete compilation of all bonding processes in the automotive sector. It is only intended to provide an overview of the multiple adhesive applications in this industry.

Interior decorative trim

For the visual appeal of car interiors, the panelling of the doors, instrument panels and columns are of major importance. Whether exclusive textiles,
modern foils or real leather – the most diverse manufacturing methods are used for a wide choice of  materials. Jowat adhesives allow economic
processes for all currently used technologies. New material combinations are the daily challenge, which Jowat adhesives help to master.

Trunk cover and lining

The car trunk is not only the place to stash the luggage. It also contains multiple adhesive applications. Carpeting is bonded to loading areas and to the underside of the rear seats, assembly of formed foam components and covers for trunks with sliding components or parcel shelves. Jowat adhesives are used in vehicles of all major automotive manufacturers for these applications.

Sound and vibration absorption

The acoustics inside a vehicle depend to a large extent on the use of
sound-insulating elements. These are bonded directly onto the sheet metal car body to serve as soundproofing factors. The precoating with pressure-
sensitive hot melts simplifies processing on the line and also makes it user-friendly. The vibration-reducing property of the adhesive additionally 
supports the effect of the insulating materials.

Assembly and special applications

When lifting the panelling of a car, many clips and retainers can be seen. The most appropriate joining technology is bonding. Thermoplastic and reactive hot melts are used to attach these and many other assembly components and provide the final form and function for the vehicle.

Filter manufacture

The filters in a vehicle are consumption products. The air, oil and cabin filters have to be replaced regularly. Filters supplied by automobile manufacturers in new vehicles, and replacement filters, are bonded with Jowat adhesives.