Passenger Compartment Filters

  • For laminating activated charcoal filter media
  • Reduced application amounts
  • Increased filter performance of the medium

When filters for passenger compartments are manufactured that are to provide clean air for the vehicle interior, a variety of materials in several layers is bonded in a series of inline steps. The filter materials assembled this way protect the passengers from dust, pollen, rust, bacteria, and odours, and also against gaseous pollutants like benzene or ozone.
When considering the ecological fingerprint of a car, these filters are playing an important role.

This means that the adhesive used may not impair the performance of the filter in any way. Jowat-Toptherm® and Jowatherm-Reaktant®adhesives achieve excellent results in the laminating process of activated charcoal filter media in applications using very low grammages. This minimal consumption permits the open surface areas of the activated charcoal, when bonded to the base substrate, to remain as large as possible for the actual function of filtering and maintaining clean air. Additionally, the air permeability remains very high, even when the filters are assembled in multiple layers. The filtering performance of the activated charcoal is enhanced and the adsorption of odours and gases is guaranteed.
The open time of the adhesives is subject to the coating time necessary for application of the activated charcoal to the filter fleece. This will result in the advantages of increased efficiency and reliability during the production process, accompanied by an improved product quality and filtering performance.

When the bonded compound undergoes downline processing, the filter medium is subjected to the first test. The assembled product is unreeled, cut and pleated. Jowat adhesives for the manufacture of activated charcoal filters are able to withstand all of these mechanical stresses. These products, developed especially for attaching the activated charcoal, not only have a neutral odour, but they also reach very low fogging and emission values. All of these properties are basic requirements expected from adhesives for the assembly of automotive cabin air filters.

Jowatherm-Reaktant® adhesives meet the high levels of heat resistance demanded by the automotive producers, and they allow to manu-facture passenger compartment filters in OEM quality.