Textile Industry

  • Reactive hot melts
  • Thermoplastic hot melts
  • Pressure-sensitive hot melts
  • Dispersions

Jowat adhesives in the textile industry

Wherever adhesives are used to manufacture textiles, Jowat is the right partner: We offer a wide range of innovative products to our customers, for the most diverse requirements. For applications in the textile industry - above all for lamination and coating processes - thermoplastic and reactive hot melt, dispersion and solvent-based adhesives have been developed and are used successfully.

The moisture-curing polyurethane hot melt adhesives support even the highest requirements a bondline has to meet. The wide adhesive spectrum, the high strength of adhesion even when grammages are minimal, and the low processing temperature, plus high levels of resistance, for instance in washing and sterilisation processes - all these are characteristic for this group of products. All PUR hot melts offered by Jowat for the garment industry meet the high demands of the ”Oeko-Tex Standard 100“ for extremely low emission risks in textiles and have the respective certification.

The thermoplastic hot melt adhesives are usually tailored to comply with specific requirements of an individual application. Any lamination must match the special quality demands made on the end use of the product. These product characteristics are targeted already during the adhesive development. Whether adhesion to the substrates, or specific properties that support some characteristics of the product like flame retardancy, breathabi-lity, sterilisation stability, or just high mechanical strength - the possibilities for a specific formulation are manifold. Dispersion adhesives are also successfully used with appropriate application equipment. A very broad spectrum of raw materials available allows the manufacture of tailored adhesives to match all requirements.

The diverse areas of application, from the garment industry to technical textiles, show the important role of adhesives for the end product.

Garments - Clothtech

The term Clothtech covers a wide variety of textiles for clothing. These always require bonding when multiply compounds are assembled.
Starting with laminating processes for very fine lingerie textiles, to functional outdoor textiles or protective clothing. The applications for sports and professional clothing are very similar.

Membrane lamination - Medtech

This topic covers the applications above and also lamination for medical and hygiene wovens, which may be surgical drapes or incontinence articles. These demand high levels of resistance to washing and sterilisation, achieved when bonding with Jowatherm-Reaktant® products.

Modern textiles have more functions than just looking good these days: Factors like elasticity and water-resistance are properties of equal importance when it comes to comfort of wear. Breathability is another major aspect in functional textiles. Improving the breathability of the compound by up to 70 % with unchanged adhesive surface coverage is achieved with the product Jowatherm-Reaktant®PURTex 633.30. 

Cover materials – Hometech

Are you sitting or lying down as well as you could? Cover materials for furniture and mattresses are exposed to enormous stress in daily use. The resistance and durability of these fabrics which may have very fine structures can be improved when the undersides are reinforced by lamination or coating using a Jowatherm® product.

Textiles for building - Buildtech

In the building technology, technical textiles also have to provide certain functions like tight seals, vapour barriers and absorbency of mechanical stress. The physical structural properties determine the ambient climate and can only be guaranteed by a secure compound of multiply textiles with suitable adhesives.

Industrial applications - Indutech

Technical textiles are used for a variety of industrial applications - for  lamination of emery paper, or the assembly of multilayer filter materials. Jowat® adhesives support the properties of the product and at the same time make the manufacturing process highly efficient.

Cleaning textiles – Hometech

For scrub pads, cleaning rags or mops -
Jowat® adhesives are part of our daily lives.