Compound elements

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High-performance adhesives for sandwich bonding

Modern compound elements or sandwich assemblies have only become possible thanks to the use of modern high-performance adhesives. Today, large-surface compound elements have become necessary elements for many industrial areas. They are used for special vehicles, interior shipbuilding, construction elements, but also in furniture manufacture and many other applications. The material mix, resulting from the specific demands on the compound element, requires special adhesives, which are often tailored for the process, especially with regard to their resistance to heat, moisture or cold, or with regard to the fire resistance properties.

Reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesives have for instance achieved wide market acceptance for the manufacture of compound elements. These adhesives are mainly processed by roller applicators. The products from the 609.xx series of Jowatherm-Reaktant® adhesives include tried and proven reactive PUR hot melt adhesives with different open times and initial strength data. An outstanding processing characteristics are provided by Jowatherm-Reaktant® 609.94 MR. This adhesive with low monomer content does not require hazard labelling under the currently valid laws. Jowatherm-Reaktant® 609.30 has low flame-spread characteristics according to IMO Resolution A.1/3.18 and has the wheelmark approval This allrounder is used not only for finishing elements in interior shipbuilding, but also for many applications where the fire resistance standards are high.

One-component PUR prepolymer adhesives are also frequently used for the manufacture of compound elements. These adhesives are liquid to pasty at room temperature, and are usually applied in multiple beads. Special formulations can also be applied by roller. The adhesives from the Jowapur® series exhibit an optimised ratio of open time : pressing time. One example for this is the product Jowapur® 683.24, which is used for separating walls in marine interiors. Adhesives from this family are also used for special vehicles, and for the manufacture of fire-resistant doors, where they can really show their superior characteristics.

For high-performance compound elements, Jowat® 690.00 and 691.40 (2-component SE polymer) have become established products. These adhesives work most efficiently when the adhesion spectrum has to be very wide, while strength levels remain high. The bondline achieved is tough-elastic, very strong and resistant, thereby able to offset or absorb the diverging tensions of different materials which may be generated due to the fact that the materials used for the sandwich assembly exhibit varying coefficients of temperature elongation. Jowat SE supplies a complete range of products for the manufacture of compound elements of all kinds, tailored for the most diverse materials and manufacturing methods.