Door manufacture

  • Efficient adhesive systems for all requirements
  • Dispersion and hot melt adhesives free of formaldehyde
  • Polyurethane adhesives for highest qualities

Door manufacture with Jowat adhesives

Doors are elements that increasingly serve to add value to the interior of homes. The variations in product and design, areas of use, and technical demands, result in an almost endless variety, and in consequence broaden the requirements which the manufacturers have to meet. The range covers plain doors for interior uses, high-end solid wood doors, and conventional doors assembled of casing and panels. The possible combinations of door panels and door frames lead to a complex and nearly infinite variety of products. Apart from the high technical standards that doors for home interiors have to meet, the requirements for office and institutional uses are constantly becoming more stringent. Fire protection, soundproofing, and safety systems, are matters that must be taken into account in the construction of doors.
From individual doors manufactured in small shops, to high numbers in industrial serial production - all manufacturing techniques require adhesives adapted to the respective process, while ease of handling, low in emissions, and high efficiency is expected as well. It goes without saying that the bond also has to match the quality standard expected from the finished door when installed in the location of use.
Whether finishing the surfaces of wood-based panels by using decor pressure laminates like HPL or CPL or for the conventional veneer surfaces:

Jowacoll® PVAc dispersion adhesives can be used reliably in stationary or in continuous manufacturing processes. To apply decor paper or thermoplastic foils in industrial-scale laminating lines, Jowacoll® foil adhesives with superior adhesion properties are tried and proven products.

In industrial serial manufacture of door panels, the demand for higher cycle rates is constantly increasing. Jowat hot melt adhesives facilitate sequences where pressing times have been reduced to a minimum. Manufacturing with conventional EVAs or modern polyolefin hot melt (PO) adhesives is reliable and highly efficient.

Highest levels of moisture and heat resistance can be reached by using polyurethane hot melts from the family of Jowatherm-Reaktant® adhesives. Finishing the edges of door panels can be carried out with the most diverse edgebands: Straight edges, softformed, or the conventional fold edge. For all these processes, just like for the wrapping of door frames, Jowat AG is supplying a complete range of hot melt adhesives based on EVA, PO, and PUR, satisfying all demands of a modern and highly efficient door production.

Product highlight for flat lamination and door manufacturing: New, emission-reduced Jowacoll® ER 147.00 facilitates plasticiser-free bonding. Jowacoll® ER 147.00 is a vinyl acetate copolymer dispersion for laminating PVC and decor paper foils to particleboard and hardboard as well as to plywood, on roller laminators and wrapping machines. Further details here: