• 1-component PUR prepolymers for glulam
  • With approval for building applications
  • Free of formaldehyde

Jowapur® with Certificate!

Jowat is adding several new products to its range of 1-component PUR prepolymers approved for building purposes, for load-bearing construction purposes. Recently, the group of Jowapur® adhesives certified for load-bearing glulam construction has been expanded. At this time, 6 adhesives are available, each of these has different and very specific processing parameters. These products are responding perfectly to all processing requirements in load-bearing glulam construction.

In contrast to some other applications where the developments go into the direction of one adhesive for the largest variety of applications, Jowat has decided for the sector of approved prepolymers to supply a special adhesive for each application segment that is the best choice for each individual requirement. The current adhesives from the Jowapur® series with approval for building purposes differ substantially by composition, properties, and processing parameters, since they were tailored for each specific purpose. These adhesives are therefore the optimum answer for each individual step to manufacture load-bearing glulam components.

Below a summary of the advantages of using 1-component PUR adhesives for bonding load-bearing timber parts compared to the use of condensation resins:
1-component PUR adhesives...
... are totally free of formaldehyde
... require a much lower application amount
... already cure at ambient temperatures in only
    a few minutes form a neutral, invisible bondline
... are to be processed in one component,
    therefore no premixing, no pot life and no
    leftovers from production.

The adhesives from the Jowapur® series offer singular advantages: For instance, Jowapur® adhesives foam very little. This means that in intermediate stacking, or when laminated timber is placed side-by-side, the parts no longer stick together, and machine soiling is reduced to a minimum. When fed into the planer, the lines operate more smoothly which will clearly improve the quality of planing of the laminated timbers.
The special production method developed by Jowat, and also the chemical additives that serve to stabilise the adhesive, will prevent any separation of the reinforcing fibre additives even when stock time is long and temperatures are high. During the entire processing time, the adhesive will not form lumps and this means of course that any clogging of the application nozzles is prevented.